A Case Study, the case of Dr. Andor:

Dr. Andor, a dentist himself, chose Dr. Alexander Vasserman to get his dental work done:

Dr Andor after Dr. Andor stated: Being a dentist in Southern California and having provided Cosmetic Dentistry to my patients, and seeing the way it has changed their lives, I decided to have my own teeth upgraded. I looked in the mirror one day and said to myself "WOW.... your teeth could be improved... just like what you've been doing for your patients". Well, ... with the help of Dr. Vasserman we went ahead and planned to have my teeth upgraded. We sat down, took photographs, study models and planned the whole case. I am thrilled!!!! We went ahead with the case and "Voila".... I have redone my teeth and I'm excited, I am smiling all the time and this has been the best thing I ever did; I only wish I did it years ago. I chose Dr. Vasserman because he was a close classmate of mine at Southern California dental school. He has the confidence, he has experience, and he has done many cases. I had my teeth redone. I don't regret it; and I would do it again.

Dr Andor before Dr. Andor approached me about his teeth. He wasn't happy with their appearance. He hated the fact that they did not show much when he smiled that they were irregular in shape and dark in colour. Dr. Andor mentioned that he had orthodontic treatment in the past which required for him to wear a retainer for the rest of his life to prevent the teeth from shifting. Dr. Andor, like most patients could not get used to living with the retainer. Having something foreign and removable in his mouth and the whole idea of maintainence, was not something he could handle especially since he is so concious of his teeth. As a result, he developed gaps between some of his teeth. Although he had some bonding done in the past to close these gaps. Over time they would chip away and require constant replacement.

Dr Andor teeth before Dr. Andor was interested in making his teeth longer, whiter, brighter, straighter and for this to be a permanent solution. Dr. Andor feels that being a cosmetic dentist it is important for him to have a "WOW" smile.

Dr Andor study model After Dr. Andor had an opportunity to pick the shape of his teeth from a smile catalog, study models were made by the laboratory with Dr. Andor's new smile.

Dr Andor prepared teeth Dr Andor prepared teeth bottom Careful preparation is critical in achiving tissue health and correct alignment of teeth. It could mean the difference between an aethetically pleasing result and failure.

Dr Andor temporary restoration Using the study models, temporary restorations were made. This gives our client an opportunity to "test drive" the new smile. Colour, shape, and length can now be easy evaluated and incorporated in the permanent restorations.

Dr Andor temporary teeth Dr. Andor wanted to have the permanent restorations a little bit lighter in colour and slightly longer. The laboratory was given a precise blueprint indicating the exact width to length ratio and a detailed colour map of each tooth. The restorations were designed using the golden proportion 1:1.618 (a proportion that is seen in nature to be harmonious.)

Dr Andor temporary teeth Permanent restorations on a laboratory model. Note the translucency and halo effect on the tips of the teeth which mimic real teeth in nature.

Dr Andor before Inferior restorations of same case done by a popular Newport Beach Laboratory. Note the lack of translucency characterization irregularities in symetry and bulkiness of the restorations. These were clearly not used on Dr. Andor.

Dr Andor's final teeth Dr. Andor's bonded new smile. He will never need to worry about his teeth turning yellow. This is life time dentistry. Note tissue health, symetry, harmony and transluslency creating a realness effect.

Dr Andor after Dr. Andor was so pleased with his upper teeth, that he is going to have us do his lowers.

Stay tuned for more photos.