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Bone Loss? We have the Solution:

"Four .. Three .. Six ...... Seven .. Four .. Five .."
You hear those numbers get bigger somewhere in your mouth no matter how often you brush, floss and come in for you cleanings.

Until recently this was a never ending battle for some people. What if there was a way to shave off 2 to 4mm from some of those numbers?

bone loss before


Over 50% bone loss

bone loss after


Significant improvement
new bone is growing up
the root surface

Whether you have a stubborn gum pocket or moderate gum disease we can help you. Ask Dr. Vasserman how a new treatment can allow you to grow bone back around your teeth and minimize some of those big gum pockets. In the after X-Ray, the pocket between the teeth has been reduced by 3mm making the tooth more solid and healthier in the jaw bone.