Your Comfort:

comfortable dentistry

We care about your comfort:

Perhaps you had a bad experience in the past with a dentist who wasn't sensitive to how you felt or kept you in the dark about what was to be done, maybe your condition worsened in this person's hands. We realize that it may be difficult for you to even dial that phone number, that is the reason
why we do everything possible to make your visits pleasant and comfortable.

We want you to leave our office with the smile of your dreams that will last you the rest of your life. We want you to wonder why you didn't feel anything
and that you are in the hand of people who care. Together we are a partnership where the ultimate goal is your happiness and success.

All our design studios are equipped with massage chairs, music and video entertainment. We have a growing audio and video collection for your enjoyment and you are welcome to bring in your own.

We also offer pillows, complimentary refreshments and scented hot towels during your visit.

If you are someone who relies on the internet for business purposes, or you are just suffering from 'Internet Withdrawal Syndrome' we offer WiFi wireless internet access for you to surf the net while in the office.

If you are nervous about dentistry, we also offer Nitrous Oxide and Conscious Sedation or General Anaesthesia administered by a board certified Anaesthesiologist.

We do not double book appointments or 'squeeze' clients in. We reserve time slots for our clients so that we can devote 100% attention to quality and your needs. For cosmetic smile makeovers cases, we usually reserve the whole day just for one person.

We cater to several out of state and overseas clients who travel as far as Japan, Singapore, Russia, Ukraine, The Philippines, Ethiopia, Canada, China, etc. If you do not live in Los Angeles and would like our services, we understand the difficulty distance makes, that is the reason why we will accommodate your special needs.

Rest assured we are here for you, whether it is our hours of operation, scheduling you between your travel requirements, everything will be done efficiently and with minimal visits without sacrificing quality and aestethics of your new smile.