Welcome to Smiles By Alex,
and the dental office of
Dr. Alexander Vasserman D.D.S. in Valencia, CA

Located on Tournament Road in Valencia, the dental practice of Dr. Alexander Vasserman and its friendly and knowledgeable staff are dedicated to your comfort, care and well being.
Not only do we care about your smile, we offer our services with a smile to you.

Whether you need your annual check-up, teeth cleaning, teeth whitening or more comprehensive dental procedures including emergency services performed, the Smiles by Alex dental team will make you feel welcome and at ease in a stress free and comfortable environment.

We use state of the art safe technology and procedures to ensure your dental work is performed to your satisfaction, because it is our belief that once others form an opinion of you, it is very hard to change it. A beautiful smile gives you the benefit few other things can match. It compels other people to be around you. It gives you self-confidence and the knowledge that you are admired. It improves your personal and professional life.

A beautiful smile radiates health and well being and the dental office of Dr. Alexander Vasserman is determined to give you that feeling.

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